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3 ខែមករា 2013 / ស្នាមញញឹម

My Ex and I

I will not saying any words to cheat you.

But the feeling is true.

I am still love you.

Whenever the weather or people we had been involved with was such a bit discussed about our story, it may be in the past. The cloud, the pagoda, the restaurant, those books, the palm tree, the flat, etc., may they would say ‘where are we?’

It was such a crazy question, where are we?

You’ve been my ex, and I am your ex. It is where we are right now.

We’ve been missing each other for sometimes while struggling things or in the bad time in our lives.

But it is where we’ve been through for quite long enough to forget things and our friendship, I would not call it a relationship = uncommitted relationship.

I am struggling most of the time in my entire life to get out of the bad break up, but I had got through crazy things sometimes, at least I am trying to do my best to get over these things. 10 years was enough for me, baby.

Now I have nothing to do with you, I would not know what have you been through, what have you done, even success or fail. I have no commitment to learn all those things from you, may I could say it is enough for me that you have been walked in, got through, and passed by in my life.

I have no commitment to take care a friendship which had been kicked-off by you and me. And if I could say it again I would never have bound this relationship which I highly committed for it if I had thought we would not be together today.

Baby, love was just a dream. Remember this: it would prove to be bittersweet for us from all those bold memories, and it also the mean where we can find benefit from that to direct our lives to be better, at least better than before.

From now on I am willing to let crazy thing happen in my life, I am living a fullest live that I never did before. And it’s not because of you, it’s because I couldn’t pick up any mistake from a careless relationship such I did before. It was my first experience to be in a committed relationship, so the first was not the last, isn’t it?

Would you like me to be your friend?

Yes, I may be your friend if I wasn’t once been in love with you.

I really had been in a very difficult time through a bad break up once when you are in love with the other, when you cannot see these crazy things I did through that bad break up with you.WHAT THE F*CK?

You are the first, and last true love for me which I cannot catch that same feeling for other and allow them to come into me again as with you. THAT IS THE F*CK.

Through a really bad time, bad break up, my heart, that was once really soft and romantic, and once melt, now had been reformed and being with the best of the heartbeat round.



  1. ភារម្យ / មករា 3 2013 4:33 ល្ងាច

    F*CK = defuq ? Not bad

  2. ស្រុកស្រែ / មករា 3 2013 4:49 ល្ងាច

    អានចប់ ដូច​បាន​ទស្សនា​ល្ខោន​​នៅ​លើ​ឆាក​មួយ នៅ​ត្រង់​ឈុត​កើត​ទុក្ខ…។ កំសត់​ណាស់ ឆុកឈែ​ខ្ញុំ​ចង់​ស្រក់​ទឹក​ភ្នែក​បញ្ច្រាស់​ឡូវ​ហើយ… 😀

    ខ្ញុំ​មាន​តែ​ពាក្យ​លើក​ទឹក​ចិត្ត… ស៊ូ! ស៊ូ! ស៊ូ…!!..​

    • លី កល្យាណ / មករា 3 2013 5:00 ល្ងាច

      Thank you, Sir Srok Srear.


    • លី កល្យាណ / មករា 3 2013 5:28 ល្ងាច

      I like your key words “ស្រក់​ទឹក​ភ្នែក​បញ្ច្រាស់”

  3. somada / មករា 3 2013 5:10 ល្ងាច

    ជួយរកអ្នកបកប្រែឱ្យមួយមក អានអត់យល់ទេធ្វើម៉េចទៅ?

    • លី កល្យាណ / មករា 3 2013 5:12 ល្ងាច

      បងកុំនិយាយបែបនេះអី អង់កាលេសខ្ញុំអន់ជាងទេ ព្រោះតាមព័ត៌មានក្តៅហុយៗកាលពីខែមុន ថាចូលចិត្តមើលរឿងអាមេរិចកាំងអង់គ្លេសជាមួយ កូនៗ។ សុំចុះចាញ់បងធំហើយ រឿងដាក់ខ្លួនគ្មានគេប្រៀប។

    • Heng-dee / មករា 5 2013 4:55 ល្ងាច

      បងកល្យាណជើងចាស់ដូចបងសុធា គាត់មិនដែលថាគាត់ខ្លាំងទេ ទាល់ប្រគួតគ្នាទើបដឹង ហិហិ

  4. somada / មករា 3 2013 5:14 ល្ងាច

    មើលរូបភាពតើ មានទៅស្តាប់គេកើតអី ចេះតែមើលទៅក្រែងលោចេះអង់កាលេសអីនឹងគេគ្រាន់នឹងរកស៊ី​បានខ្លះ ។


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